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Developing technology for HNB/THP


Increased customer’s preferences as well as public health awareness opened new chapter in the Tobacco Industry. New categories of reduced-risk products includes low harmfulness, improved taste, shape and look. These features may also cover environmental protection, reflecting expectations of consumers as well as manufacturers.

ITM PERSEUS together with POLARIS filter maker allows to produce wide range of paper filters: in various flavours, with a capsule and even with a paper straw inside. New solution provide production with the same quality and efficiency as monoacetate filters. For multi-segment HNB products, the essence of the filter function is cooling the aerosol, and not filtering as before. Therefore, there is a need to produce paper-based filters with low PD. Easy filter resistance adaptation, capsule position monitoring or specially designed flavour application system gives versatile possibilities in product design.

Our innovative technology is aimed to support our customers in exploring new ways to create better future for the next generations.


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